About Us

Our Company

We are a family business Investing in high yielding long term assets in different Countries. The similarity in all of our investments is that we manage day-to-day operations. Our investments usually value add our current operations by either having a forward or/and backward integration. We do this to create synergy within the group and have push for a longer term view of our projects. We are always looking to learn and expand our horizon in different areas to keep building and improving our portfolio.

Our Team

Mr. Gobind Ram Poddar (Chairman)

Mr. Gobind Ram Poddar, Singapore citizen, qualified chartered accountant, company secretary and qualified LLB, is the foundation of the “Poddar Group”. He was born in Bhagalpur, year 1956. His first overseas posting was in Malaysia, Pan Century as an accountant. He decided to move to Singapore in 1994 and start on his own. Since then he hasn’t looked back. He has built a company with strong backbone and grown different branches, which is managed by his family.

Through out his business journey, he has invested, built and exited projects with great success. With extensive knowledge in the fields of finance, execution, planning, today he advises the team how to manage and execute with precision and always looking out for new opportunities.

Mr. Surendra Kumar Poddar

Mr. Surendra Kumar Poddar, Singapore citizen, an ACCA graduate joined the group in 2010. His vision on finding new opportunities in developing countries brought him to Cambodia. He oversees the Cambodia operations under the guidance of his father. His managing style has always been to build strong units within the company and managing the execution of projects.

He also prepares the group strategy and creates longer-term expansion plans.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Modi

Mr. Rajesh, PR of Singapore, a chartered accountant, advises on the company banking. He also is a director in Sing Global Oil Products, and is a broker / trader for palm oil.

Mr. Anil Poddar

Mr. Anil, nephew of Mr. Gobind Ram Poddar, oversees all the group accounting and is the operations head of Singapore office.